Lip Filler Pre-Care

Cosmetic Injections Pre Care Tips for Lip Filler:

Planning in Advance

It’s best to plan ahead when you’re getting non-surgical treatments such as cosmetic injections to the face or lips.

That’s because although cosmetic injections typically have minimal down time for most patients, it can take time to see the full treatment effects.Plus, you might have a bit of bruising, tenderness or swelling to content with, depending on how your body responds and the injecting strategy used for your lip augmentation.

Cosmetic Injections before a big event – how long do you need to plan in advance?

Typically 3 weeks is sufficient for most cosmetic injection treatments.

TIP: Allow enough time to heal and for any swelling or potential bruising to resolve before a BIG party or event

: Expect a bit of soreness or tenderness which can last for several days.

Expect a gradual or minor loss of lip volume in the first few days as the initial swelling resolves, and expect a bit of soreness.

You might even have a few red dots (marks) that will also fade/disappear over a few days (entry points for the Hyaluron Pen).But if you have any serious concerns – a lot of redness, swelling heat or other symptoms – contact us

: Don’t Expect the Initial Fullness to stay the same –

Lips aren’t usually even to start, and they may not be perfectly even after filler – but it can help reduce some asymmetry.If its your very first lip injecting treatment, a minor follow up “touch up” of the lips in a few weeks time, may help remedy any noticeable lip asymmetry still visible after your first injecting treatment. Again, don’t expect perfection. The sides of the face – and lips – are never perfectly symmetrical. Even on the world’s top rated ‘beauty icons’.Lip filler touch ups can also plump your lips up just a tad bit more – yet still look natural.Be sure you go slowly on volume increases rather than risk looking ‘over-filled’ or ‘puffer trout’ like after having lip augmentation.

: Stay well hydrated and drink plenty of plain water after having filler injections – and don’t exercise strenuously or visit a steam room for a few days after your injections!

Why is staying hydrated so important? What’s helpful to understand about dermal fillers and lip fillers:

Full lip augmentation treatment results often do not show up for several weeks or more after your injecting session. That’s because the temporary filler needs to bind with existing tissues.Sure, you’ll see SOME results immediately after the treatment – but typically a few days or even weeks is needed before you can visualise the filler’s full results (and remember, these results can last from 4 to up to 10 months or more, depending on numerous factors.)Hydration is crucial to getting a good result – because dehydration can detrimentally impact any dermal filler treatment, including lip injection results.So DO drink plenty of water after having treatments.Remember, dermal filler relies on drawing water to the treated cells; so stay hydrated.This helps you get the full filler augmentation effects.And hold off on strenuous exercises and very heated environments including steam rooms.

After dermal filler, it is normal to experience some swelling?

Apply ice every 5-10 minutes as required, for up to six hours. It is also important to keep in mind that this initial fullness will decrease as the swelling goes down to reveal your natural new pout. It may take several treatments to reach the lip size and shape you desire.

There are some people who don’t experience any bruising after dermal fillers but don’t worry if you’re not one of the lucky few. Bruising can be a normal occurrence after any injectables treatment and can be treated with Arnica pilules or Hirudoid cream (available from local pharmacy). Sleep with your head slightly elevated and avoid pressure on the area and minimise the risk of further bruising. If you want to cover up any bruising, you can apply mineral makeup where necessary, always using a clean brush.

Why don’t you get instant results after having dermal filler or lip filler injections?

As mentioned above, some of the lip volume increases WILL be visible immediately after cosmetic filler injections.But it often takes time for the temporary facial fillers or lip fillers to integrate with your own tissues.

The more water in your body, the better the potential result – so as mentioned earlier, stay well hydrated with water.   You’ll notice the most optimal results in just a few weeks, up to a few months time.

Does a lip augmentation injection hurt?

It really DOES depend on the patient, as well as how sensitive their skin or lips are on the day.This may fluctuate for the patient due to hormonal changes, nerve stimulation, substance use or lack of sleep.But we DO have numbing cream (come in an hour early for this and let your Injector know at the time of booking that you’d like to do this).Plus, there’s also ice packs you can use during the session to relieve discomfort.Some clients find it easily tolerable with little to no pain.

The good thing about lip filler injections is they are relatively quick!You may want to NOT use very active products just before and just after your lip augmentation injections.Be sure you follow all instructions we give you afterwards (and before hand).

Disclaimer: This lip-injections after care information is general in nature.  It is not a substitute for medical or clinical advice.

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