Lip Filler: What you might expect after a Lip Filler injection session:

Possible swelling and bruisingAllergic reactions (excessive swelling)

What to alert your Clinician about if occurs after injections:

Areas that become very dark or that doesn’t appear as “normal” bruisingAnything you’re concerned about after your injections.

On Day 2, you can use a product such as Bepanthen antiseptic cream if your lips feel dry.

Day 3:

Can use lipstick /makeup but ideally fresh makeup (avoid bacteria).Mineral makeup might be best as is usually low allergen – be sure whatever makeup you use is bacteria resistant and fresh.You can still use Bepanthen if needed.Then it’s your normal lip routine when all is well/settled and less tender.

TWO Weeks AFTER Lip Augmentation Injections

It can take 2 weeks for the product to soften and settleYou should see the ‘final’ results then (this can last for several months but about every 4 to 6 months, you’ll likely want to replenish the lip filler if you are keen to keep the plumper lip look).

If you’ve massaged out any small unevenness or lumps, but by the 2 week mark, you have minor lip asymmetry or want more ‘tweaking” or enhancements (lip volume), call us to assess whether or not it’s a good idea to have more lip filler.

It’s important to know your lips may be sensitive for a few days, sometimes up to a week for some patients.

Sometimes you’ll have minor swelling or small lumps – these DO tend to even out in just a few days, and massaging can help.

Massaging the lips with clean, sanitised hands can be good to help the lip filler distribute well with your natural lip tissues.

Avoid hot drinks, spicy foods and avoid alcohol for several days as you heal, if you can.

If you are prone to getting cold sores (Herpes/Type I) or other lip sores, ask your Injector about getting a prescription for anti-viral medication and take it as prescribed (often for several days BEFORE and AFTER your injection session, or as prescribed, much as you might for DOT Therapy as a preventative measure).

Bepanthen, is a great idea.

Avoid wearing makeup in that area – no lipstick or lip gloss for several days after injections is typically a great idea.

Use a gentle, non-perfumed cleanser or sterile alcohol wipe to remove any grime (it might sting).

Avoid ANY perfumed cleansing products on the area and don’t use old makeup around or on the lips (this is a good time to refresh your makeup kit).

Within about 3 days, but sometimes longer, most injection-related tenderness should have resolved and your swelling should have subsided.

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