Are you a good candidate for Microblading?

Are you a good candidate?

Hello gorgeous!

We know that life is non stop but it is really important to read the information below in its entirety before scheduling your appointment. We want our gorgeous clients to be educated, fully a part of this process and avoid any unnecessary fees.

- If you have had Microblading, tattoo or any form of permanent cosmetics done else where on brow area you must text photos prior to scheduling to 714-642-6182 to verify if you are a candidate.

Cover ups on work done else where are required to select the Microblading and Powderfill or Ombre technique. A 70% improvement is a realistic goal. We will be completely honest with you if this is a good option and only have your best interest at heart. Thank you for understanding.

- Must be over the age of 18 and have a photo ID.

- You are  not a candidate if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

-You want to avoid sweat, sun, steam and anything that can cause infection during the 7-14 day healing process.

Before booking your appointment, please answer the questions below, to help determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

- Have you ever had permanent makeup before? If you have any previous tattoo or permanent cosmetics of any kind on the brow area we require photos to verify you are a candidate prior to scheduling your appointment to 7146426182. It does not matter how new/old or how faded the old tattoo is. Not all technicians offer cover up services and we need to schedule a longer appointment time for cover ups so it is vital you schedule properly. If booked without submitting photos and getting approved as a candidate prior to appointment the $55 fee does apply + additional service cost if there is a difference. Thank you for understanding.

- Do you have wrinkles in the brow area?

Deep set wrinkles in the brows can make symmetry very challenging and sometimes impossible and can cause the hair strokes to be less crisp. We highly recommend selecting the Microblading and Powderfill or Ombre technique for a more natural look. 

Deep set 11s will make the centers of the brow unsymmetrical when frowning and making other expressions. We can break everything down for your after measuring the shape out and are able to do work with it but must forewarn you it affect the healing and end result if the wrinkles are in the treatment area. We also like to let you know ahead of time, in case you're due for Botox. We recommend getting Botox 1-2 weeks prior to your appointment if needed so the muscles have settled. 

-Do you have any medical conditions (i.e.: blood pressure, vascular disease, diabetes, lupus, etc.)? If you answered yes please get clearance from your physician prior to booking and let your technician know so they can use the proper technique. Medical conditions and certain medications can hinder the healing process and can also cause the hair strokes to be less crisp. We highly recommend selecting the Microblading and Powderfill or Ombre technique for a more natural look. 

- Are you taking any medication?

Get clearance from your doctor prior to booking your appointment. Some medication can directly affect the healing and results from tattoos and semi-permanent cosmetics. We highly recommend selecting the Microblading and Powderfill or Ombre technique for a more natural look. 

- Have you received chemotherapy or have been taking any sort of chemo medications?

If you answered yes please get clearance from your physician.

- Do you have dermatitis, eczema or any other skin disease around the area that will be treated?

If you answered yes please get clearance from your physician.

- Do you have large pores or blemishes on the brow area?

If you answered yes please wait to book your appointment until you are fully healed. If you made an appointment and a blemish appears please reach out to our Customer Care line as soon as possible.  We will not be able to Microblade over the blemish but can do Powder Fill or Ombre which is more coverage.

If you have large pores and/or have oily skin we highly recommend adding the Powderfill or Ombre technique for the best results for your skin type. Oily skin may need more frequent touch ups. 

- Are you allergic to Lidocaine, Epinephrine, Glycerin, Titanium Dioxide, Cetaphil and/or Carmine?

Most people know if they have allergies to these if they have issues at the dentist. We use not one but two types of numbing to make sure you are comfortable. A lot of our clients fall asleep and wake up with perfect brows because the pain is so minimal.

- Are you taking any antibiotics?

You must be off at least 2 weeks before and after appointment. Antibiotics can affect the healed results.

- Are you taking any Accutane, using Retinol or any other acne medications?

You must be off at least 1 month prior to your appointment.

- Are you taking fish oil?

We recommend to be off  the supplement for at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment and 2 weeks after. This is in order to retain pigment to the fullest capability possible.

- Are you taking diet pills of any kind?

You must be off at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment.

What is the best technique for your skin type?

Microblading- Hair strokes applied one by one by hand. Good for normal to dry skin with no previous tattoo or permanent makeup.

Nanoblading- Hair strokes applied one by one by machine. Good for normal to dry skin with no previous tattoo or permanent makeup.

Microshading- Manual shading helps camouflage natural hair and faux Microbladed hair strokes. Good for all skin types.

Powder Fill- Pixelated, makeup effect done with a machine. Works great for all skin types. The best and most recommended option for all skin types including oily skin, mature skin, clients on medication, clients that are trying to correct or cover up an old tattoo or permanent makeup and/or have scars in the brow area. You can add as little or as much as you prefer.

Ombre-  Ombre is a Powderfill technique done by machine. Ideal for clients who like a bold, defined, makeup look or as we like to call "weekend brows". The tails of the brow are darker and fade lighter towards the centers of the brows, giving that perfect "ombre" makeup effect. There is typically no realistic hair strokes in this technique unless you select the Microblading+ Ombre combo option. This is also great for covering old tattoos/Microblading/permanent makeup.

 If you answered NO to all the questions above please schedule your appointment after reading the information below.

 If you answered YES to one or more questions, please text 3D Microblading Customer Care line at (714) 642-6182 with reason why prior to scheduling.


-PLEASE  DO NOT SHAVE brow hair before your appointment. Your technician can shape your brows  for you, but if you prefer to get threaded, waxed or tweeze please do so a minimum of 3 days prior as to not over irritate the skin. Grooming can sometimes nick the skin in which case we may need to reschedule if it will hinder the results. We work with your natural brow hair and can remove any unwanted hair for you at your appointment.

-Please bring in photos of what you like so you and your artist have a clear understanding on what your eyebrow goals are. An 70-80% brow improvement is a realistic goal.

- Do NOT take any medication that can thin the blood (i.e.: ibuprofen, aspirin)  24 hours before procedure.

- No caffeine (i.e.: coffee, soda, etc.) on the day of your appointment. Caffeine causes a spike in blood pressure. 

- No alcohol within 48 hours of your session to avoid excessive bleeding, which will push out the pigment and can cause unnecessary scabbing.

- We recommend getting botox 1-2 weeks prior to microblading so the muscles have settled.

- No strenuous workouts for a week after the procedure. Sweat can cause infection.

- Avoid steam rooms, sauna, pools, jacuzzi and any water that can cause infection for two weeks after each appointment. 

- Avoid sun exposure/tanning 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after each appointment. Sun exposure can cause fading and color change for all tattoos and permanent cosmetics. All of our techs are trained in color correction if any alterations need to be made. 

- No children in our facility for their safety. 

- We ask that all guest wait in the lobby area. We work with equipment that can cause injury and can't have any guest in work area.

What to expect with the healing process:

-The healing process takes 5 weeks. You must wait 5 weeks between appointments to make sure pigment has  resurfaced and to avoid causing scar tissue.

-Brows will look dark and intense the first week or so because the pigment is on top of the skin. Color typically lightens an average of 40% or 2 shades lighter when the new skin heals over. 

-Any redness or swelling will go away within 2-3 hours. There is no down time.

-Between days 2-10 (everyone heals differently) the blood will begin to coagulate which will make the treated area appear darker.

-Typically between days 4-10 when the flaking has subsided the brows will look very light and can appear patchy. This is like when scab falls off and the wound appears to have a white/pinkish hue. This is the new skin regenerating. Once that skin matures the pigment will begin to resurface.

-After 5 weeks if it hasn't resurfaced to your liking or hair strokes flaked off while healing it is recommended to schedule a touch up between 5 weeks-3 months of initial application date to perfect the brows. 

Some clients experience no scabbing or patchiness, we just like to inform our clients of all possible outcomes as to not be alarmed. The healing process is just that, a process. Everyone's skin heals differently so it is important to follow aftercare instructions given by your technician and be patient with the process. Absolutely no picking, scratching and avoid stomach/side sleeping while healing.

-You will start to notice a softer and more natural looking results week 4-5 of healing. You can schedule a retouch if needed from 5 weeks on from your last session.

-Microblading is a process... like going blonde it is better to do it gradually as to not do damage and have a better end result.

In some cases you will need additional touch ups to achieve brow goals. If your skin type does not retain the ink well there are different ink options for different skin types and/or you can add the powderfill option. Any adjustments in color, shape and strokes can be made at the touch up.

Curious About A Procedure?

 Please feel free to text or call me, Robbin, at 1-256-612-7690 with any questions about any procedures. If I don't answer your call,

I promise to reply to all texts or voicemails as soon as possible.

I would love to hear from you!






Disclaimer: Similar and/or permanent results are not guaranteed based on the treatment/procedure and may vary from client to client, based on multiple factors, including genetics and lifestyle of each client. View full disclaimer.

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